Bilan Carbone® Clim’Foot

Carbon accounting

Bilan Carbone® Clim’Foot

The Bilan Carbone® Method is a diagnostic method which allows for the accounting of direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to an activity or a territory, using easily available data. The method is used to establish a GHG inventory and on this basis proposes appropriate action and measures to reduce the carbone footprint.

It includes, in particular, the methodology to be followed in order to carry out a Bilan Carbone® assessment, and files containing the spreadsheets needed to carry out this assessment.

The Bilan Carbone® Method applies to all forms of activity (industrial or commercial companies, government administrations, local authorities and communities, etc.) as well as to the territories managed or administered by these entities.

ABC holds all rights of exploitation to the Bilan Carbone® Method.

In the framework of the LIFE Clim’Foot project, ABC offers an adapted version of the Bilan Carbone®method, hereafter designated as “the Bilan Carbone® Clim’Foot”.