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In late September 2014, ADEME published a method for quantifying the impact of action to reduce GHG emissions. The method can be applied by all types of organisations : companies, local authorities, associations.
Last year, ADEME organised a road-test with over twenty volunteer organisations.  The objective was threefold :
- illustrate  use of the method in specific real cases;
- assess the GHG Impact of actions in their own context;
- share the feedback to provide current and future users with a better understanding of the method through examples.
We invite you to discover the summary of the results trought this compilation :

For further information, please feel free to contact ADEME’S Climate Department : Fanny FLEURIOT ( or Romain POIVET (


Flyer on Base Carbone and Clim'Foot



  • HOI


A LIFE information conference has been organized the 14th of June by the Hungarian Development  Center to provide up-to date information related to LIFE Programme for potential beneficiaries. In the first part of the event, experts from Ministry of National Development presented the general rules of the programme and shared the know-how what is the key for a successful application. Clim'Foot project has been presented during this conference as a successful Hungarian LIFE project, currently the only in Climate Governance and Information subprogramme in Hungary by Lorant Riesz from Herman Otto Institute.



  • ENEA


Clim'Foot LIFE project has been presented during the  Congress "Life Cycle Thinking, sostenibilità, ed Economia Circolare" held in Ravenna the 23 and 24 of June. It was the 10th Conference of the Italian Network on LCA.



Please find here the programme


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  • HOI


An international scientific conference has been organised the 26th of May by the National University of Public Service to discuss topical questions of natural and social sciences in the context of resilience and adaptation to climate change.  The objective of the conference was to evaluate the impacts of COP21, held in Paris in 2015, and the opportunities of the forthcoming COP22 in Marrakesh. The Clim'Foot project has been presented during this conference.


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  • EIHP


In the framework of 7th Zagreb Energy Week 2016 “Development we don’t want stop, but pollution we can!” on 11th May 2016 in Zagreb, EIHP’s presented the LIFE Clim’Foot project.


The event was organised by the City of Zagreb and its Office for Energy, Environmental Protection and Sustainable.





The French Ministry of environment, energy and the sea and the Ministry of housing and sustainable habitat organized a briefing on the European LIFE programme the 11th of April 2016 at La Défense.


The objective was to present the LIFE programme and the different types of funding available, to expose the assistance service proposed by the Ministry and to share feedbacks concerning the submission of proposals.


ADEME has made a presentation of Clim’Foot and has given a feedback concerning the project submission.


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