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The Paris Agreement commits all countries to take measures to limit their emissions and strengthens the role of organisations, civil society, financial institutions, cities, and regions. As part of the solution for GHG emission reduction in the EU non-ETS sectors, it is recommended to use a uniformed and harmonised approach, at the EU and even global level, for calculating and reducing the carbon footprint of public and private organisations.

One of the major aim of the project is to spread all over Europe common methodologies and standard databases for calculating Organisation’s carbon footprint. In this context, the situation in different European countries should be analysed, in order to identify which countries might be interested in the implementation of the project approach for the carbon footprint calculation and reduction of organisations.


If you are interested in the initiative and want to take part in the special workshop put in place to train you to replicate the project, do not hesitate to complete this short questionnaire. It will takes only few minutes!

Take this opportunity and participate in the final project conference: feedbacks, results, interviews of organisations… These two events will take place on June 2018 (week 24). Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the project for a limited number of policy makers. Be among the first!


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Join us questionnaire

If you just want to know better the project and its results, do not hesitate to contact us, in the dedicated part of the website .