Conference “Climate 2050: towards a decarbonized world”

The conference “Climate 2050: towards a decarbonized world” is the 3rd edition of the French carbon key event with carbon actors worldwide. It will be on the 12th and 13th of June, in Paris, France.

This event broadens its scope to take into account the climate in the economic development of organizations and invites all stakeholders involved to integrate the climate dimension into their activities.    Companies, Finance, Communities: this meeting will allow you to integrate a low carbon strategy into your structure and thus make it a sustainable economic lever. Three differentiated paths (companies, finances, communities) and privileged common moments are expected to cross experiences and share good practices associating the climate dimension in the strategies of each organization.

France has become, in fifteen years, the leading country in terms of voluntary and regulatory mechanisms for the integration of the climate and greenhouse gas dimension for private and public organizations. Indeed, already anchored in the regulatory landscape with the Grenelle law and Article 75 on the achievement of greenhouse gas emission assessments for organizations (companies, local authorities, public institutions), carbon accounting has reaffirmed its importance for the strategies of organizations in the French Energy Transition Law which renews this obligation of publication of the balance sheets.

It also introduces via Article 173 the publication of significant indirect emissions in the annual reports of the organizations and the integration of the climate dimension in their strategies. Finally, it also directly involves the sphere of finance in the stakeholders of change by asking them to integrate climate risk into their investments and to contribute to the energy and ecological transition. With the entry into force in France in 2016 of these new regulatory texts, the voluntary commitment of non-state actors, which is still more important internationally and the first stage of the Paris Agreements scheduled for 2018, it is essential for France to continue to feed the sharing of experience and to fit into the current dynamics of the theme.

ADEME, like France, is a forerunner on the subject: the agency participates and continuously feeds the methods, international standards and databases (Base Carbone®, Base Impacts®, etc.), it supports the mobilization of the actors engaged in reducing their carbon footprint, whether in a regulatory (BEGES platform) or voluntary (ACT Initiative) way. It is therefore natural for it to continue its role of unifying actors around the consideration of the climate, a role already initiated with the two previous editions of the "Bilan GES" conference.

The Clim'Foot project will be presented during a side event, the 13th June 2018.

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