What are the voluntary programs in the Clim'Foot project?

The voluntary programs is a demonstration phase to experiment the tools developed since the beginning of the project:

  • National and European databases of Emission Factors
  • National adaptation of carbon accounting tools
  • Trainings to enable organisations to calculate its carbon footprint and to define mitigation plan to reduce it.

Since European stakeholders are not equally advanced regarding carbon accounting, the voluntary programs are different, taking into account this diversity.

Organisations starting to deal with these carbon issues focus their efforts on calculating their carbon footprint whereas the ones with advanced knowledge and data manage it and define/implement some mitigation plan.

  1. Calculation of organisation’s carbon footprint by end-users

At least 50 organisations are currently calculating their carbon footprint using the LIFE Clim’Foot methodology and databases. This program has been implemented in Greece (CRES), Hungary (HOI), Croatia (EIHP) and Italy (ENEA and Ecoinnovazione).

The first activity in these voluntary programs is the onsite training sessions for end-users in each country. You will find information in the next pages. Then the experimentation by the end-users, during which 50 organisations calculate their carbon footprint following a precise framework defined in the LIFE Clim’Foot project. The different national agencies are supporting the participant organizations during this experimentation; they are providing supports to assist organisations in the different steps of the calculation.

You will find more information on these national voluntary programs on the dedicated webpages: organisations involved, information about their trainings and an update of the programs activities and results today:

  1. Organisation carbon footprint management strategy

This action addresses the most advanced organisations regarding carbon accounting. At least 50 organisations have to be involved in this action.

Organisations at least:

  • Assess their level of maturity regarding carbon footprint management
  • Define a mitigation plan based on the identification of the main levers for reducing carbon footprint

This program is implemented in France with 29 organisations, in Italy (3-5 organisations), Croatia (3-5 organisaitons), and Hungary (1 organisation).

In France, this voluntary program has been implemented, in the framework of an experimentation ACT SME’s and mid-cap companies:



About the voluntary programs

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