Content of trainings

Carbon footprint of organisation is a relatively complex task. Scientific, technical, organisational and methodological knowledge have to be combined to obtain a reliable quantification of carbon emissions and a relevant action plan to reduce them.

In that context, training is an essential part of the programme. The diversity of content and formats proposed (different levels, online and onsite sessions) will allow reaching a large number of end-users whatever they already know or don't know, and to help them to acquire solid knowledge to build relevant carbon footprint and actions plans.

Two kinds of training will be designed within the LIFE Clim'Foot project:

  • one training curriculum for end-users to teach them how to calculate organisation's carbon footprint;
  • trainings for other public entities outside of the consortium to prepare the extension and pursuit of Clim'Foot in other European countries.

Articles and project presentations will also be produce in order to enhance awareness among politicians and other actors in the European Union.

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