Practical case for Italy

Italy has prepared 180 country-specific emission factors. The Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) has prepared 19 European emission factors. The number of the Italian emission factors per category is shown in the table below.


Italian EF.PNG

Italian EF

The main source for developing the national emission factors was:

  • Italian National Inventory Report 2017, for fuel, waste, direct emission from agriculture, product and process;
  • National database on transport 2016, elaborated by ISPRA;
  • Leap Database,
  • Global Database of GHG emissions related to feed crops (FAO) for the agricultural product.

For the EU EFs, data from ELCD - European Life Cycle Database (JRC – EU) was collected.

Ecoinnovazione has developed national emission factors related to:

  • enteric fermentation for  Dairy Cattle, Non-Dairy Cattle,  Buffalo, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Mules and Asses, Sows, Other Swine,  Rabbits;
  • manure management for Dairy Cattle, Non-dairy Cattle, Buffalo, Sows, Other Swine;
  • vegetables, differentiated per production system and production practice: barley, maize, wheat.

All other national emission factors were developed by ENEA.

To insure data quality for CH4 emissions from biological treatment of solid waste the uncertainty has been estimated by IPCC 2006 guidelines to be about 100% in annual emissions, 20% and 100% concerning activity data and emission factors respectively.

The calculation methods and metadata are listed in EF Database Italian Report pdf file.


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