Update of the program in Croatia

Global results:

Currently two organisations have the first results of the calculation:

  • Faculty of Economics in Rijeka
  • Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Other end-users are in process of data collection.

EIHP has organized some visits to provide technical support to the end users in inputting the data in the Bilan Carbone® model and thus calculating the carbon footprint for the organization.

Presentations for all the interested experts in the framework of the onsite visits were prepared and performed with the intention to familiarize with the topic. Afterwards a Q&A session were organized which considering their feedback was very useful for the end-users, as well as the data input in the Bilan Carbone® model session was performed.


Activities realised by end-users and EIHP:

The representatives from the University of Rijeka Faculty of Economics have collected almost all the required data and have inserted majority of it in the Bilan Carbone® model. Correspondingly the carbon footprint calculation for the above-mentioned organization is almost done. The University of Rijeka Faculty of Economics have considered Scope 1, 2 and 3 which was at first very challenging, but the results appear to be successful.

Additionally, an article about their undertaken work and project was published in the local newspapers which is very useful for the project dissemination as well (http://www.novilist.hr/Vijesti/Rijeka/Ekonomski-fakultet-postao-prva-visokoskolska-ustanova-s-izracunatim-ugljikovim-otiskom).

The representatives from the Zagreb Freight Station insisted on the on-site visit due the complexity of their business activities in order to comprehend the most significant ones in the calculation. Even though they are in a low stage of data collection they emphasized their interest in the project and their willingness in calculating their carbon footprint. The Zagreb Freight Station is particularly interested in energy efficiency and environmental protection projects, and their experts have a good knowledge in those topics.

The experts from the Croatian Employment Service have organized a meeting in their headquarters. The Croatian Employment Service have decided to consider just Scope 1 and Scope 2 because of the complexity for data collection regarding Scope 3 and the lack of time and knowledge to consider Scope 3.

The expert from Croatian Institute for Public Health has been exceptionally active in the data collection since the beginning of the project. Nevertheless, further help was needed because of the comprehensiveness of the Bilan Carbone® model. A few input data must be recalculated but almost all the data from Scope 1, 2 and 3 for the Croatian Institute for Public Health has been inserted.

The following organizations persist to be active:

  • Faculty of Economics in Rijeka;
  • Zagreb Freight Station;
  • Croatian Institute for Public Health;
  • Croatian Employment Service;
  • Croatian Environmental Agency;
  • Energy and Environmental Protection Institute (EKONERG);
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture;
  • Končar - Power Transformers;
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla;
  • Croatian Lottery;
  • Valamar Riviera;


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