After Clim'Foot : Croatia's progresses!

Would you like to know more about how the Energy Institute in Croatia (EIHP), as a Clim’Foot partner, implemented its carbon footprint calculation? How do the Croatian organisations make the carbon footprint calculation and reduction their own?



EIHP’s feedback through a scientific article in the Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (JSDEWES): “Implementation of the Harmonised Model for Carbon Footprint Calculation on Example of the Energy Institute in Croatia”.


EIHP has prepared a scientific article since August 2018. It was a long process to review the article but now it is approved and published. The full article is available on the JSDEWES website:

The article presents the Clim'Foot project and the result of the calculation of the carbon footprint of EIHP using the Clim'Foot Bilan Carbone(r).




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When higher education is mobilised to reduce its carbon footprint 


Among the organisations involved in the Croatian voluntary program, two have maintained a high level of interest and they are still active:

  • The Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Rijeka), which will calculate its carbon footprint for a new period
  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (University of Zagreb) which would like to prepare an action plan for its carbon footprint reduction


Involvement of Croatian organisations


For most organisations involved in the Croatian voluntary program, the carbon footprint calculation approach was very interesting. Organisations that have calculated their carbon footprint and those who have prepared an action plan both expressed the interest to have an informal certification delivered by EIHP, the Croatian partner. To respond to these requests, EIHP prepared 2 certificates:

  • One for the calculation of the carbon footprint for organisations
  • One for the preparation of the action plan for carbon footprint reduction for organisations

We hope that this initiative will bring all participant organisations to go further into the action plan to reduce their carbon footprint!