Description of the program in France

The voluntary program in France is replaced by the implementation of an ACT (Assessing low Carbon Transition) road-test for SME and Mid cap companies in France.

ACT aims at developing a set of methodologies that will take a holistic view of a company’s, looking both at its operational impacts and dependencies, as well as of its supply chain. The ultimate goal is to drive action by companies and put them on a 2°C compatible pathway in terms of their climate strategy, business model, investments, operations, GHG emissions and GHG emission management.

It starts in June 2017 and will finish by the end of December 2017 or January 2018. 30 companies will experiment ACT from 6 business sectors: Electric utilities, Auto manufacturer, Retailer, Food & Beverage, Construction/Real Estate and Transport.

The adaptation of ACT methodologies to SME has already begun since February 2017.

What are the benefits for companies to take part?

  • Obtain for free an assessment of their carbon strategy;
  • Identify ways of improvement;
  • Involve the staff and communicate with partners (clients, suppliers, finance sector…).

Concerning the governance of the French voluntary program, we have an advisory committee composed of ADEME, Association Bilan Carbone, French Ministry of Environment, consultants, representatives of companies (associations, CPME…), investors (ERAFP…) and CDP. The advisory committee receives information about the project and provides feedbacks. A steering committee is also implemented on the French voluntary program. It is composed of ADEME, consultants and Association Bilan Carbone with the function of project monitoring and decision-making.

Please find here the French voluntary program schedule:



Preliminary steps (recruitment of consultants, call for volunteers and adaptation of ACT methodologies)

March – May 2017

Trainings for companies and consultants about ACT

June 2017

Data collection

July – September 2017

Data analysis

September – October 2017

Submission of individual reports

November 2017

Communication and dissemination

End of 2017 / beginning of 2018


The type of companies who are participating in the French voluntary program are the following:



Please find here a geographical presentation of companies involved in the French voluntary program:


Capture program FR 3.GIF


A pool of investors will follow the French road-test in order to better understand the added value for them and understand at what extend companies with robust low carbon strategy can find funds for implementing their mitigation actions.

In addition, ADEME will provide to the Clim’Foot project partners a methodology that describes how to quantify the GHG reduction from a mitigation action, and examples of quantified actions with Excel sheet. Those elements were developed by ADEME between 2013 and 2015 on its own budget with French companies and local authorities. They could help project partners to quantify mitigations actions with their pilot companies.


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The French voluntary programme in practice

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