Policy makers toolbox

Welcome to the policy makers’ toolbox!

Here, you will find elements to accompany you in setting up a GHG accounting project for your country/territory/organization.

This toolbox will bring you, a decision maker, some knowledge and methodologies to circulate and generalise good practices in GHG accounting in order to act against climate change and reduce GHG emissions of the organisations on your territory.

For a better integration of carbon footprint of organisations (CFO) in Europe, all countries should develop some approaches to assess and reduce their GHG emissions. The objective of the Clim’Foot project is to ease implementation of public policies on the subject. The approach presented to you was developed during this LIFE project and can be applied in European members states freely. Concrete realizations from the 5 participating countries experiments are presented here to show you the implementation of this methodology.

This toolbox is composed by:

Each part is summarized in one downloadable page, for you to quickly understand the issues.


You can find some feedback from the partners of the Clim’Foot project in the Voluntary program section.

GHG accounting is a contribution to climate objectives and it is a required step to reach the objective of +2° only. The clues presented in this toolbox are taking into account international references and are allowing you to calculate CFO according to international standards as ISO.


See the first page "Climate change: introduction and key concepts".


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How to involve organisation in CFO?

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