Trainings developed in the Clim’Foot project

Carbon footprint of organisation is a relatively complex task. Scientific, technical, organisational and methodological knowledge have to be combined to obtain a reliable quantification of carbon emissions and a relevant action plan to reduce them.

In that context, training is an essential part of the programme. The diversity of content and formats proposed (different levels) have allowed reaching a large number of end-users whatever they already know or don't know, and to help them to acquire solid knowledge to build relevant carbon footprint and actions plans.

Three targets have been addressed within the LIFE Clim'Foot project:

  • End-users: one training curriculum for end-users to teach them how to calculate organisation's carbon footprint have been created;
  • Policy makers: trainings for other public entities outside of the consortium to prepare the extension and pursuit of Clim'Foot in other European countries. A special workshop will be organized in June 2018, more information here;
  • Partners: a “train the trainers” session was organized in April 2016 in order to train partners to the content of end-users trainings and to learn animation, techniques and methods specific to training for adults. It is dedicated to the policy-makers to support the diffusion of the methodologies and tools in the participating countries.

Moreover, articles and project presentations will also be produce in order to enhance awareness among politicians and other actors in the European Union.

Regarding end-users, two kinds of training have been developed:

For more information regarding general trainings offer, please contact: If you have some question about the training materials developped for the onsite training session, please contact the person concerned in the "Contact  us" page.

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What you can find in our trainings?

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